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Cheap crap

Refuses to connect. How do I get a refund


No way to power on and off, control buttons on volume doesn’t work.


Big Scam


Just needs a power button so I can turn off my tv without getting up lol.

No on or off button

There’s no on/off button. For an app that you have to pay for that’s pretty lame.


It’s good but I wish I can turn on and off the tv

App stops working after a while

Having nothing but issues with this app worked for awhile than it just stopped I Evan bought the app went though all the troubleshooting steps and still nothing wish I could get my money back

Pretty good but...

The volume doesn’t work well. The volume will go up fine but if I’m lucky it will go down one digit then I can drop it another digit about 3sec later. Mostly it just doesn’t turn down at all. Also a program schedule on the app would be a nice touch. Apple 7+

Don’t waste your time on others.

All the free ones have tons of ads. The other paid one stole my money and doesn’t work. Skip the frustration (because it’s very, very frustrating) and either stick to your actual remote control, or buy this version.

I would like my money back

This app is terrible. The volume keys don’t work properly and it keeps disconnecting from my TV in my living room AND my bedroom. Oh and since this app has been downloaded, it has made my phone ring randomly. I want my money back

Volume keys don’t work

Volume keys work to turn volume up but not down iPhone X. Otherwise great app. Works better than the remote that comes with it


I want my refund Cause it doesn’t work Didn’t kno I needed a sensor They shud have told me that my app wasn’t compatible because I guess I don’t have a scanner for the remote to be reading on my TV

Not happy

It’s not working and can’t shot my tv from re

Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing


Unable to connect most of the time. This app is very annoying!

One little thing missing

I think that they should at least offer a power button for the remote.


Does everything it claimed to except I can not figure out how to control the volume which was the whole reason I purchased this instead of getting a free app.

No volume control

No better than the free apps.

Don’t give your money

There’s plenty of other free including roku’s own app to be the remote, I just spent over 4 dollars on this app which you can’t even turn the tv on or off and realize a minute later that there’s no reason to pay for a phone remote

Not happy

If I go to the channels it will change them but the remote does not workThe arrows do not work very disappointment a waste of my money


Purchased app and works exactly as described. Found my Roku instantly and it has volume control. 5 stars.

Doesn’t work and does not include contact info for help from developer

I downloaded this app today to use with my roku stick. The app could not find the roku. I followed all the instructions in the help section - still nothing. I have requested a refund from iTunes. Very disappointing.

preety good

app works great for the most part, ive had my little kinks here and there with it but.m nothing the troubleshooting help section cant fix. great app that fixed my missing remote issue


Needs better support for Roku smart tv's as there is no volume control.


I deleted the app off my phone because it does not work that great and has no volume control or power control please refund this to me


Most everything works great, I have three Roku tvs in the house and I can control all of them with the app, but, wth, I paid $4 and can't control the volume. That was the whole point of why I bought the app in the first place because my fiancé falls asleep on top of the remote and I have to turn it down to fall asleep; the tv itself does not have physical buttons to do so. **I hope the makers of this app read this and figure it out... seems kind of obvious; to have volume control with a REMOTE.


How do I get a refund I didn't mean to get this I was thinking of the Roku remote and got this and then ended up deleting the app how do I refund it

So far so good

I'm surprised at how well this app works, but it definitely needs sound control.

No volume control?

Don't seem to be able to control volume

This app compared to the free one

I paid four dollars for this app and thought it would better options but just lost my $4 because it won't pair! My suggestion is not to buy this application.. and I wouldn't mind my $4 back!!!

I own this now on all platforms.

It's that good. Convenient, lets your rename your devices for easy identification, and works like a charm! I even use it on chrome. Would love Launch Center Pro support.


I cancelled the remote app not was charged for it (4.99). Please cancel this payment .


Finds my Roku right away. Love not having to search for my remote.

Does as expected

Great app for remote replacement. No complaints

Well designed and easy to use

Great if you have lost your remote

Don't waste your money

This App does not work on iPhone 5!!! Don't buy it because you won't be able to get your money back!

Saves time in looking for remote

It does freeze. But is awesome in saving time in looking for remote

Lots of Potential <3

We have 3 Ruku devices and we are always losing the remotes. I love that my phone can control each one!! But the directional sticks a lot! It can get really frustrating.


The app freezes making it worthless cuz you spend more time waiting for the app to respond. Then they say it finds the ruku for you. Lie you need to find the up address in the ruku then put it In the app. If you don't know how to do that you are out of luck cuz the makers of this app didn't see the need to spend five mins and put the instruction in the app or any where. Don't buy I won't my money back.


Downloaded and it worked with no setup at all. This app works way better then the Roku remote!

I want my money back!!

This app does not work for me... I want my money back.. I sent an email yesterday and have not heard back.

Saved me from buying a new remote

Fantastic app, took a sec or so for it to scan and find my 2 year old Ruku but it did. Better than the actual remote. Update: now fits my iPhone 5 screen! Victor Stuber is a champ with the support!


It worked when I bought. Now it stopped working. I click the arrows and nothing.


I just bought this app, I almost didn't get it because of the few negative reviews. 1) If you can't locate the Ruku via search type in the IP. If you don't know the IP and are connected to the Internet check your router for it. (If you don't know how it's amazing you can even connect to the "interweb". 2) You don't have to register. 3) (AND MOST IMPORTANT) IT WORKS!! It's much better than the standard remote. Love the swipe feature.

Worked like a charm

Well worth the money


Did not work on my iphone4s will not let me scan or anything wish I could get my money back.!!!

Waste of money

I bought because of no light on my ruku remote. Very angry that it won't even search for my device. If you expect people to pay 3 dollars for crap work you succeeded. Please refund my money ASAP!!!!!!!!

Buggy and no customer support

This app stops working without warning and customer service did not respond to my query. Save your money.

Waste of money

This app was chosen due to the fact that it said I didn't have to register it it would automatically find my Roku. It didn't. This is a problem because I have lost the first remote so I can't check my IP settings on the Roku to make sure it is connected. I'm pretty sure the Roku is connected though because I reboot it and my channels are showing up. I want my 2.99 back.

So far so good!

Lost the remote and this works perfectly! Thank u!

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